Remy sings an Occupy Wall Street protest song

Watch Remy's latest poignant creative interpretation of Occupy D.C. (Photo:

Remy, the Internet comedian phenom, has made a new video and this time it's about Occupy D.C.{}

Sing along with the lyrics below:

Come gather round peoplecome and join your handswe're taking Wall Streetand we're making demandsand we're heeding the calland we're crying for helponly 1% of us have wealth

but first we need posterswe need to make signsbut to do so it seemsthat we need some supplies

We need poster boardI can't make it myselfbut it's 10 cents a sheetat the store it's on salean example of economies of scaleit's so evil

They're saying that freedomhas done little to stopCorporations from keepingthe wealth at the topBut at what point in historywould a kid and a kingboth have clean water to drink?

George Washington wasthe richest man of his ageBut he lost all his teethat a very young ageBecause they didn't have Scopeand they all crapped in trayswe're not wealthy?

now there's fountains on streetsfrom which clean water poursFour dollar genericsat all big box storesa sultan and studentboth have iPhone 4sit's not fair

Come gather young peoplecome on everyoneand I'll tell you a taleof a fortunate son

He's born in a countryand given vaccineand rendered immuneto all kinds of diseasethe Kardashians are onall his TVsit's not perfect

Banks don't need bailoutson that we agreeso let's start up a groupand let's take to the streetsbecause if we do that thenyou know what that meanswe're racist.