Remy sings an Occupy Wall Street protest song

      Watch Remy's latest poignant creative interpretation of Occupy D.C. (Photo:

      Remy, the Internet comedian phenom, has made a new video and this time it's about Occupy D.C.{ }

      Sing along with the lyrics below:

      Come gather round people
      come and join your hands
      we're taking Wall Street
      and we're making demands
      and we're heeding the call
      and we're crying for help
      only 1% of us have wealth

      but first we need posters
      we need to make signs
      but to do so it seems
      that we need some supplies

      We need poster board
      I can't make it myself
      but it's 10 cents a sheet
      at the store it's on sale
      an example of economies of scale
      it's so evil

      They're saying that freedom
      has done little to stop
      Corporations from keeping
      the wealth at the top
      But at what point in history
      would a kid and a king
      both have clean water to drink?

      George Washington was
      the richest man of his age
      But he lost all his teeth
      at a very young age
      Because they didn't have Scope
      and they all crapped in trays
      we're not wealthy?

      now there's fountains on streets
      from which clean water pours
      Four dollar generics
      at all big box stores
      a sultan and student
      both have iPhone 4s
      it's not fair

      Come gather young people
      come on everyone
      and I'll tell you a tale
      of a fortunate son

      He's born in a country
      and given vaccine
      and rendered immune
      to all kinds of disease
      the Kardashians are on
      all his TVs
      it's not perfect

      Banks don't need bailouts
      on that we agree
      so let's start up a group
      and let's take to the streets
      because if we do that then
      you know what that means
      we're racist.