Reginald Davis arrested after allegedly fleeing police

Reginald Davis was booked into a local jail after the incident. (Photo: Prince William County Police)

This gets a little wild, so stay with us.

Police say 22-year-old Reginald Davis was fleeing a bail bondsman at a motel in Woodbridge on Wednesday night when he rammed several vehicles in the parking lot. Davis jumped out of his vehicle and then ran into a nearby wooded area.

An officer and police dog were called in to search for Davis, but a possibly rabid groundhog attacked the police dog, who is named Titan. The officer then shot and killed the groundhog.

Titan and the officer kept searching for Davis, who was eventually found under an I-95 overpass. Police say Davis fled over a jersey wall and ran into traffic on I-95. A passing motorist then struck Davis.

Davis was taken to a hospital and then booked into a local jail on multiple charges, including malicious wounding and felony hit-and-run.

As a footnote, Davis was initially arrested earlier on Wednesday because he was threatening to hurt himself and slammed a door on a police officer’s leg, police say.

And Titan received minor injuries and is being monitored while the groundhog remains are being tested for rabies. .