Reeco Richardson: Chevy Chase car theft defendant sues police for $10 million

Jury deliberations will continue Friday morning in the car theft trial of a young man involved in a fiery, deadly police pursuit in Chevy Chase.

Three people died in the crash back in March.

The fourth person in that car is on trial for car theft charges.

It was a horrible fiery crash. Four teens, running from police in a stolen sub-compact car, lost control and wrecked at Chevy Chase circle.

Only one would survive. Today that lone survivor, 19-year-old Reeco Richardson, is on trial for car theft.

And the case has become about far more that just a car theft charge.

Richardson is suing the police who chased him for $10 million.

And he has a website, Justice for Reeco, proclaiming his innocence, complete with police video of the pursuit.

Richardson and his lawyers claim the video shows the teens stopped when police lights came on and that a patrol car slammed into them causing the fatal crash and fire.

During the car theft trial the officers involved said they are in no way at fault. They say the stolen car slammed into a tree and that they immediately went into rescue mode saving Reeco's life.

They say they couldn't get the others out in time. No matter the verdict in this case, Richardson and his team say they're moving forward with their civil lawsuit.

Prosecutors in Montgomery County wanted the judge to shut down Richardson’s website. They're concerned the site could influence the jury.

But a lawyer for Richardson says it's a free speech issue for his client to have the website and that he should have a place to respond to information police posted on their website.

The Washington Post reports that prosecutor Stephen Chaikin has asked a judge to order the site,, closed.

Montgomery State's Attorney John McCarthy says the motion is not meant to infringe on anybody's free speech rights.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.