Redskins begin prep work for Seahawks, playoffs

The Redskins hit the practice field today as they prepare for Sunday's wild card showdown with the Seattle Seahawks.

Sunday afternoon's playoff game between the Redskins and Seattle at FedEx Field is sold out.

You can still get tickets, however -- but it's likely going to cost you a lot more than the price printed on the ticket.

On Tuesday ABC7 found tickets selling online for as little as $140. The only catch is they are standing room only.

Redskins fans we talked to at Summers Grill and Sports Pub in Arlington said they'd be willing to pay that amount.

"Of course I would," said manager and 'Skins fan Shawn Nazareth.

"I'll do the standing. I don't mind," said Arlington resident Alexandra Savage.

The cheapest ticket that actually gives you the right to sit down was running around $150 Tuesday.

"That's a good price," said Redskins fan Harlan Jones. "150 dollars? Sure, I'd pay that...that's what you'd pay for a concert."

But the asking price for many tickets runs over $1000. A number of people are asking for $5000 a ticket.

Fans we talked to say that's a lot higher than they're willing to pay.

"I'm not that diehard," said Jones. "I have my plan B. It just so happens one of my friends is a box holder, so I think I'm going to call him, and beg him."

Tickets to simply tailgate at the game go online today. They're expected to go for $75-$100.

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