Redskins game 4 recap: Offense still inconsistent

Week number four of the 2013 NFL season brings win number one for the Washington Redskins. Even if it comes against the hapless Oakland Raiders, a win is a win.

The Skins’ had some rhythm in the 4th quarter and, as a matter of fact, it was the largest comeback for the Redskins on the road since 2008.

But there are some issues:

*The Redskins have seven turnovers already this season. The had 14 all of last season.

*The special teams play was way below average. They had a punt blocked, they let three punts hit the ground and that just can't happen in the NFL. The Skins have to learn the four "don'ts" of the kicking game as taught by the late great Redskins head coach George Allen. Don't be off-sides. Don't rough the kicker. Don't let the ball hit the ground and Don't clip. Big improvement needed on special teams.

*The offense still showed a lot of inconsistency and failed to score in the first half again. Failing to start quickly against a team which gave up almost half-a-hundred to the Broncos Last Monday night is frustrating. RGIII showed flashes of being RGIII again. He is still knocking the rust off and his confidence continues to grow.

But we don’t want to be all doom-and-gloom.

The defense showed improvement and the front seven kept the pressure on Matt Flynn. They had great numbers, with the defenses seven sacks, forced turnovers and David Amerson scored a touchdown. Even though it was Oakland, the Skins defense was impressive and even dominant at times.

My star of the game was Ryan Kerrigan, who is really having a nice season. Kerrigan is a tempo-setter. He had four tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble.

Things aren't great, but I really do think the Skins have shown improvement in each of the first four games. It's a win!

Now the Redskins have a bye-week to regroup, improve and make a run. Nobody in the NFC East has gotten off to a quick start. The Division is still wide open. A win is a win.

So bring on Dallas!