Redskins fans still excited despite opening night loss

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - It's as if the Redskins didn't lose last night's season opening game.

It's as if the team didn't stumble, fumble and sleep walk through the first half of the game at FedEx field.

For Redskins fans, despite the 33-27 loss Monday night, the glass is half full.

Back to work and school a day after the game in Foggy Bottom, folks were talking about the Skins but no one seemed worried about the team or its star quarterback or his rebuilt knee.

No one but Eagles fans like Helen Gainor who was at the game Monday night.

“I think (Eagles quarterback Michael) Vick looked a lot better than people thought he would and RG3 is nowhere near 100 percent yet,” Gainor says.

David George and his wife Angie are huge Redskins fans and came all the way from Atlanta to go to the game. Their team wasn't great but they were not disappointed.

“It was so much fun,” George says. “We had a blast. They have a great team it's going to be fun this year.”