Redskins fans search for silver lining after loss

Redskins fans are searching for reasons to stay optimistic after a second straight poor showing in yesterday's 38-20 loss in Green Bay.

Vlademar Rodriguez, like so many other burgundy and gold loyalists, came into this season hopeful after rookie sensation Robert Griffin III led the the 2012 team to an NFC East championship and a playoff berth.

"Last season was really good so it gets you really amped up for this season coming up," Rodriguez said. "But the reality is we have a lot of pieces that really need to fall into place."

Much of the early-season concern centers on the surgically repaired knee of Griffin, which many fans have said doesn't look 100 percent. Griffin, who didn't play at all during the preseason, has looked rusty to the eyes of many fans.

"He's a great competitor," Redskins fan Woody King said. "He will go out there every week and give it all he's got. But under the circumstances with his knee it's going to be tough."

Still, many fans said they remain optimistic that the Redskins will recover from their sluggish start.

"Very optimistic," Redskins fan Shaun Crow said. "All redskins fans are. Every year it's 'we're going to the Super Bowl."