Redskins fan offers Caribbean vacation for game tickets

A ticket to see the Washington Redskins play the Seattle Seahawks could be the hottest ticket in town right now.

While there are still tickets available online, they aren't cheap.

Some fans are finding creative ways to get their hands on tickets to the game.

So just what would some people do to get their hands on a ticket to Sunday's game?

"I'd name my first born after a Redskin," said one fan.

Another answered, "I'd shave my head."

"I'd go streaking," exclaimed yet another fan of the burgundy and gold.

It seems there's no limit to the lengths people will go through to see the Redskins hopefully sideline the Seahawk's plan of seeing the next round of the playoffs.

So how does a week-long stay at a tropical resort sound?

One travel agent is will to trade a seven-night stay at a resort in the Bahamas for two tickets to Sunday's game. Even trade and a year to take the trip.

"I'd have to say no," laughed Beth Ward. "I'd have to say no!"

Ward knows how precious her two tickets are to come by and says she'll gladly take the frigid game at FedEx Field over a balmy Bahamian vacation - or any other offer for that matter.

"The guys have really worked hard, and who knows when we'll get to go to another one. When was the last time we were relevant in December?," Ward asked. "It's been a long time, so I wanna be there."

The frenzy has even swept of City Hall.

"I just want to say for the record I love RGIII," said D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray at a press conference Thursday.

Gray has even made a friendly wager with the mayor of Seattle. Loser flies the winner's flag over their city hall.

Here's hoping Seattle will soon be seeing red and white.