Redskins vs. Eagles: Fans gather early at FedEx Field

It's been a long, anxious offseason. But they are back.

The Redskins are ready to start their season on Monday night football and fans are back donning the burgundy and gold believing nothing but the best for the home team.

They were so anxious to get back in the swing of football season, some fans showed up at noon at FedEx Field ready to tailgate before Monday's game.

For 17 years, Art Hines and his friends having been coming to Redskins games to tailgate. This is the fourth grill they've tied to the back of their truck for their cookout.

And for him and the thousands joining him at FedEx field there is no other place they'd rather be.

Robert Griffin III is back from off season knee surgery is on the minds of every Redskins fan. For many, keeping the quarterback healthy is a top priority.

“I can't wait to see him walk on that field,” Crystal Groves. “That's going to be amazing that's going to be magical.”

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