Reddy Branch Creek sewage spill cause still under investigation

The spill sent nearly two million gallons of sewage into the Reddy Branch creek. Photo: ABC7

It has been two months since a 16-inch sewer main dumped millions of gallons of sewage into the Reddy Branch Creek in Montgomery County, but despite time passing, the Montgomery County Gazette reports that WSSC officials don't know what caused the break.

It wasn't until March 9 - about four days after the break was detected - that Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission authorities found the site of the break on Olney Mill Road. It led to the shutdown of the Reddy Branch Wastewater Pumping Station in Brookeville.

However, after nearly two months, a WSSC spokesperson tells the Gazette that results of forensic testing to figure out why the main broke will take months.

WSSC workers had to dig down 18 feet to the buried section of broken line. Repairs took longer than usual because of the pipe's proximity to buried power lines.