Red Line train strikes stairs at Rhode Island stop

A train was stalled at the Rhode Island Avenue station after it struck debris. (Photo: Frank Becker)

A Metro train struck metal service stairs on the track at the Rhode Island Avenue station Friday afternoon.

Officials say the outbound train hit the stairs on the wayside of the track around noon, causing it to break down about 100 yards from the platform.

“[The train] jumped off and then it corrected itself,” says Arayna Randall, who was onboard. “Still, it was too scary.”{ }

Randall had just picked up her son from his last day of school for the ride home to Bloomingdale.

“I was scared because we had to wait so long,” says Caleb Randall. “I thought something was wrong with the train.”

The 63 passengers onboard were transferred to a second train and were greeted by D.C. Fire and EMS at the Brookland Station.{ }

There were no injuries, but one woman was treated for anxiety.

Some passengers tweeted they felt the train pop off the tracks, but WMATA insists it did not derail.

“I can confirm there was no derailment,” says Carolina Lukas of WMATA. “It became clear that the metal stairs unfortunately got in the path of the train and that’s the situation we see here today.”

Trains resumed normal service around 4:45 p.m.