Red light, speed cameras coming to Montgomery County

They are the traffic enforcement devices motorists love to hate. And now more may soon be on their way to Montgomery County.

Montgomery County is poised to approve a plan that would put 10 new speed cameras and 20 new red light cameras on the roads.

Like them or not, the county sees them as an effective enforcement tool.

Last year, the county issued more than 487,000 speed camera tickets and another 40,000 red light camera tickets, raising nearly $10 million in revenue.

With these proposed cameras, a new "corridor enforcement" approach would be used.

“We want to announce where it is and let people know when they're entering the corridor that this is a speed camera corridor,” says Capt. Tom Didone. “There's no gotcha in this. The point is we want you to comply with the speed limit the entire stretch of the roadway thus making it safe for everyone. “

Many county residents understand the goal of the cameras but still don't want to see more.

“They'll probably cut down on accidents, cut down on this, cut down on that, but of course they're irritating,” says Jerry Sullivan.

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