Record-setting heat hits D.C. area

In a matter of days the D.C. area has gone from feeling like January, to feeling like June. A record high temperature for the day was recorded at Reagan National Airport.

The early taste of summer has a lot of people sweating it out, and questioning their calendars.

The sun has been shining with such power Wednesday that when you get caught in it you feel like you'll scorch. If you didn't have a hat on you probably perspired. ABC7 has even spotted some April sunburns.

A blazing summer-like sun brought the temperature at Dupont Circle to 96 degrees while ABC7 was checking it.

That says 96' and I am sweating even more.

So much for those blissful days of spring, when you don't need a jacket or air conditioning. We jumped past those days.

But there are a lot of people who are fine with baking a bit, after a winter that didn't want to let go. Still they say it could have come on a bit slower.