Realtor sexually assaulted while viewing rental house in Suitland

A realtor who was checking on a rental property in Suitland was sexually assaulted when a man came in the house and attacked her.

Police say that at about 7:40 p.m. Wednesday, the realtor entered the house in the 2300 block of Dupont Avenue.

Then an unknown man in a stocking mask came through an open door and sexually assaulted her. Neighbors say they didn't hear anything.

The owner of the property tells ABC7 that the house is a rental and he's been showing it since his tenants moved out a couple of months ago.

Fernando Colon lives just a couple of doors down. He says on Friday, someone broke into his home and stole electronics. but other than these two incidents he has heard of no crime in the area.

"I've been living here a couple of years and nothing else has happened," he says. "This is just like a bad rash."

Neighbors call this is a quiet community. It has ranch style homes, each with its own yard. They say they've never heard of anything like this happening before.

Police are actively looking for the suspect.

Cpl. Mike Rodriguez, a Prince George's County Police spokesperson says, "We're gonna saturate the area with investigators and uniformed officers and hand out flyers."