Reagan National ranked as having one of the scariest runways

(WJLA) - Flying into Reagan National Airport can be nerve wracking - or at least that's what The Weather Channel thinks.

Reagan{ }is listed as having one of the world's scariest{ }runways due to several no-fly zones over our nation's capital which require pilots to make sharp turns to line up with the runway.{ }

Most of central D.C.{ }contains prohibited airspace up to 18,000 feet, according to the FAA, so pilots are forced to follow the Potomac River in order to land.{ }

While following the river, pilots have to perform a 30 to 40-degree turn. The sharp maneuver could turn the stomachs of some, which places the airport on The Weather Channel's scariest runways list.{ }

Other scary runways include{ }Nepal's Tenzing-Hillary Airport,{ }Congonhas Airport in{ }Sao Paulo, Brazil, and{ }Barra International Airport in{ }Barra, Scotland.{ }

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