Rapid bus network to cost around $1.83 billion, Montgomery County says

Rapid bus network to cost around $1.83 billion, Montgomery County says

(AP/ABC7)- A Montgomery County Transit Task Force is recommending a new, rapid bus service join Metrobuses and RideOn buses on county roads, but the proposal comes with an extremely steep price.

The 161-mile-long service would drive along 23 major county roads in dedicated travel lanes. It would even be equipped with Wi-Fi for riders to use.

It would also cost upwards of $1.83 billion to build.

The task force's proposal aims to have the system running in nine years. The idea is already coming under some scrutiny from residents in a area where the majority of residents drive.

"I must confess...I have yet to take a bus here in Montgomery County," Bethesda resident Guy Sainty said.

The task force suggests multiple ways to pay for the system. They would include a combination of property taxes and county and state contributions.

The task force does not recommend trying to get federal funding, but it does suggest getting private partners to help raise money.

The positives, as some residents point out, include the potential of getting some cars off the road and making more places accessible to mass transit.

"If these buses could get to where the Metro doesn' would be convenient," Sainty said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.