Randolph King released from custody

The mother of a 3-year-old boy who was allegedly sexually abused says the nightmare won’t end.

First, police say a daycare coordinator at Zion Baptist church witnessed a 20-year-old daycare worker, Randolph King, trying to rape her little boy. Then the facility didn't tell her about it for two days.

And now, after police arrested the man, she learned a judge released the suspect from jail.

"The fact there is a witness means to me that he shouldn't have never been let go,” the mother says. “Somebody actually saw him doing this. His boss!"

ABC7 went to the suspect’s home in Landover but the woman who answered the door declined to comment.

After being charged with first degree attempted child sex abuse, the judge released King last week under high intensity supervision. He has a 24 hour curfew, which essentially means house arrest.

He has to wear an electronic monitoring device and must be with his parents when he leaves, which is only allowed for court hearings and lawyer appointments. King must stay away from the alleged victim and children under the age of 16.

"It is destroying my family that this man is sitting at home watching cable TV while my son can barely sleep,” the alleged victim’s mother says.

The other condition is that King must stay away from the church and daycare on Kenilworth, which remains closed.

Court sources say the judge was greatly concerned about the charges but King doesn't have a prior criminal record so he was released under the strict conditions.

He is innocent until proven guilty but that is of no comfort to the victim’s mother.

"This guy needs to be behind bars where he belong,” she says. “He is a monster!"