Ramon Gunn arrested for alleged series of robberies

Ramon Gunn (courtesy police)

Police say a one man crime spree which left women across Montgomery County in fear, is now over.

Ramon Gunn allegedly preyed on women working alone robbing salons, spas and boutiques in Montgomery County.

Investigators believe the abundance of salons at the Kentlands shopping center provided the alleged serial robber with an plethora of potential victims.

Aimee Seals, an O'Hair Salon employee, says the nagging fear which she has had for weeks is over. She believes the man who walked into the salon just as she was closing has been caught.

Police arrested 25-year-old Gunn, of north Bethesda, a couple days ago. So far, he is charged with seven robberies and one sexual assault.

“It was a very ... weird walking outside at the end of the night and you didn't know who was watching or what,” says Deanna Myers of Stylist Salon G. “It was odd very odd feeling.”

A couple weeks after allegedly hitting the O'Hair salon, Dunn allegedly walked into Salon G, two blocks away through an unlocked back door.

He demanded money from the lone employee then sexually assaulted her. Aimee Seals is thankful he only took money from her.

“I feel lucky for a number of reasons actually,” Seals says. “I feel lucky that I didn't get hurt, that I am alive [and] that he didn't assault me.”

Police nabbed Dunn moments after an alleged robbery at the Night Dreams Adult Boutique. They found cash, a pellet gun and a mask on him.

The roster of his alleged victims stand at seven but may well grow much higher.

The last woman Gunn allegedly robbed that night was disturbed to know Gunn also was charged with sexual assault.

“It kind of freaks me out,” says alleged robbery victim Amanda Morgan. “I mean, that is scary that he assaulted someone in a sexual manner.”