Ralph Nader's plan to make D.C. a state costs $11 million

File photo: Jennifer Donelan

According to Ralph Nader, the District of Columbia could be a state by July 4, 2015 if his campaign to do that started immediately, and all it would cost is $11 million.

That's what the omnipresent politician and repeated presidential candidate told Kojo Nnamdo of WAMU on Wednesday, according to the Washington City Paper.

Nader told Nnamdi that his plan would start with collection $11 million from wealthy D.C. Residents, which would finance state-by-state push for D.C. statehood across America.

The next phase would involve multiple groups of three activists, each of whom would be assigned to hound United States Senators opposed to statehood, in a never-ending attempt to get them to change their mind.