Rally held in Gaithersburg to save Affordable Care Act

Rally held in Gaithersburg to save Affordable Care Act (ABC7)

A couple hundred people rallied Monday night in Gaithersburg against a Republican plan to undo much of" Obamacare.

With a vote on the plan expected Thursday in the House of Representatives, there was a sense of urgency at the rally, which was held inside Gaithersburg High School.

"I think the momentum is building to stop this," said Rep. John Delaney (D - MD 6th District). "Obviously every Democrat in the Congress is against this bill going forward, and fortunately we're seeing Republican colleagues starting to fray in their support."

Delaney and fellow Maryland congressman Jamie Raskin spoke, as did a number of Montgomery County council members.

The speakers and those they spoke to expressed concern about what the Republican plan would do to healthcare costs for older Americans.

They say Obamacare needs changing, but doesn't need to be repealed.

"It's not perfect, but we need to fix it, we don't need to do something like the AHCA," said Lisa Marshall, of Damascus. "You might be saving money, but you're putting hundreds and millions of people's lives at stake."

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