Rain delays Shuttle Discovery's schedule

Shuttle Discovery is still on top of the plane that delivered it to Dulles, because the rain has delayed its move.

But NASA and the Smithsonian say plans to move the shuttle tomorrow are on schedule.

The Rain and wind did not dampen excitement for Discovery. Space junkies trekked to the top floor of a Dulles airport parking garage for a glimpse of the shuttle, still strapped to the 747.

Discovery has been sitting on the airport tarmac ever since its thrilling entrance to our area yesterday. Flying over monuments and museums, in less than an hour it created a lifetime of memories for many.

The pilot of an American Airlines flight from Dallas, even slowed down as he taxied to the gate, giving passengers a closeup view.

Passengers took lots of pictures of NASA's oldest shuttle.

Today's memories were made possible by a snag in the schedule. NASA planned to remove Discovery from the jumbo jet today using cranes, but because of the rain, that work has been postponed until late tonight.

Despite the delay, plans are moving ahead on schedule for a big celebration tomorrow to welcome Discovery to its new home.

Crews readied the museum's hangar door today, to allow for the transfer of the two shuttles.

And with John Glenn and 10 former Discovery commanders expected, it will no doubt be another grand entrance for the shuttle