Radiation fears after Pepco installs pole

Terri Gomez has what she calls a radiation problem. Radiation levels jump as she walks down her driveway toward the Pepco pole bearing three new AT&T antennas. She says the recommended radiation limit, is 3.

But near the pole, the radiation number is about 20. She says the number has even been as high as 100.

Neighbors on Brickyard Road say Pepco suddenly replaced a small pole with a 50-footer in December. It’s a new AT&T antenna site designed to upgrade cell service.

“But the problem is they put it right in somebody's front yard, 40 - 50 feet from bedrooms,” says neighbor Andrew Lang.

Lang says it sticks out like a sore thumb - but it's more than aesthetics.

“I've been having headaches for about a month,” Lang says. :I'm waiting for my doctor to get to see me.”

Gomez says people fear radiation exposure will make them sick.

But Montgomery County says the companies met engineering requirements, it's in Pepco's right of way, and now the federal government is in charge.

“We're not allowed to make any decisions based on anything different from those standards,” says Patrick Lacefield, Montgomery County spokesman.

but that tower has upended lives - Gomez' daughters' bedrooms face the front, so, worried about the radiation exposure, the family sleeps together in the back of the house.

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