Question mount for Chief Ellerbe surrounding Engine 26 investigation

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Questions are mounting for D.C. Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe surrounding the investigation of Engine 26. The probe centers on the question as to why firefighters at Engine 26 didn't jump into action when a man was having a heart attack across the street from their firehouse.

Chief Ellerbe has not responded to the case of Cecil Mills, who died from that heart attack.

Deputy Mayor Paul Guander, who's spoken for the fire department, said the chief's busy at fire headquarters leading the investigation.

"So the chief should stand up and be seen and be heard and we haven't seen him," said David Grosso, D.C. Council Member. "So I think that's a real problem. I think it's time for the mayor to replace him."

Mills, 77, collapsed Saturday January 25th in this parking lot across the street from Truck15 Firehouse. And his daughter said despite repeated pleas, no one would leave the firehouse to help.

Mills was a 47 year employee of the Department of Parks and Recreation.

So far Kellene Davis, the lieutenant in charge of Truck 15 has been placed on administrative leave, as has another firefighter.