Queen Anne's sheriff makes Valentine's Day video offer to most wanted

For Valentine's Day, a Maryland sheriff issues a unique "love note," a video to local criminals on the loose and to anyone who knows them.

Queen Anne's County Sheriff Gary Hofmann is getting creative to try to get criminals off the streets.

"Valentine's day is my most favorite holiday," Hofmann says. "Last year no one took me up on my offer."

"The first tip, that leads to the arrest of our most wanted Valentines, I will personally give you a dozen roses," the sheriff says in the video.

It's the second time the sheriff has turned on the charm, but last year there were no takers. This year, he says tips have already been turned in.

Some of the people of Queen Anne's County love it.

"It's really cute," Jennifer Brown says. "Its crazy."

"He's a different man I guess," says Charlie Cannon. "But I can't quite see any of the girls turning their boyfriends in for a box of chocolates and a dozen roses."

But people close, very close, to two of the most wanted have called in tips.

The sheriff's office told ABC7 on Wednesday{ } they already had one bouquet to deliver as they planned to pick up one of their most wanted people Wednesday night.

And the fun isn't just had on Valentine's Day. On Halloween they put together their list of their most heinous looking mugshots. And on Father's Day, a list of unsupportive dads were in the wanted video.