Purported Doug Gansler party video surfaces

A new video has emerged, purportedly showing Maryland's Attorney General at a party in Bethany Beach, Del., that likely included teen drinking.

The video, posted to YouTube, shows Doug Gansler briefly walking alone. The video then switches to video of the party itself. The video is a compilation of 6 second Vine videos. The video has been edited and the music playing during the video was added and is not playing during the party.

After seeing it for themselves, some area residents are saying that there's no longer any doubt that it was a wild party.

"That's probably the wildest thing I've ever seen -- I have never been to a party like that before," said Michelle Shipley of Rockville.

Gansler admitted previously to attending the party but says he was only there a few minutes to speak to his son, who was the party's D.J. He also says he regrets not taking steps to determine if there was underage drinking.

The Gansler campaign tells ABC7 the video supports what Gansler said last week -- that he was only there briefly to talk to his son, who was staying at the house for "Beach Week" with other graduates of Bethesda's Landon School.

"I walked into the party, walked through the dance floor, walked upstairs, talked to my son, walked downstairs and left," Gansler had said.

But in an off-camera interview with ABC7 last week, two women who were at the party said Gansler was there for much longer than that.

Folks we talked to aren't saying the pictures and video will necessarily cost Gansler their vote, but they do say they're concerned.

"To hear it's high school kids is even more alarming -- where were the responsible adults?" asked Stacey Smith of Germantown.

"With him being the responsible adult there, he definitely should have tried to do something to stop the party -- especially with his reputation, that's key," said Silver Spring resident Caroline Yarwher.

ABC7 reached out to Gansler, who is running for governor in Maryland, for a comment, and his campaign said the video changes nothing in reference to the events of that night.

Later on Thursday evening, Director of Communications for the campaign, Bob Wheelock, released a statement saying:

This video shows Doug looking for his son, as he has repeatedly said he was doing in interviews and a press conference. Time to move on to discuss the issues Marylanders care about, like jobs and being able to finally get healthcare through the Maryland exchanges.