Puppy's parvovirus raises questions about pet store

Snoopy died after contracting parvo virus. (Photo: WJLA)

FAIRFAX CITY, Va. (WJLA) - A local family is searching for answers after a dachshund puppy it purchased in Fairfax City died shortly after they brought it home.

Suzanne and Tom Higgs helped their son and his roommate buy Snoopy, an 11-week old puppy, over a week ago from a Petland pet store. Within a couple of days, Snoopy was sick with parvovirus, a deadly virus that attacked his digestive system. Thirty-six hours after he initially got sick, Snoopy was dead.

Petland’s owners said Snoopy was given a clean bill of health by a certified veterinarian and that no other dogs at the kennel are sick. The owners said Snoopy contracted the parvovirus from the parvo vaccine he received before he arrived in their store. Veterinarian Katy Nelson disagreed with that theory and said the parvo vaccine does not trigger the virus.

“It's my opinion this disease was already on board and it turned into an active state of the disease,” she said.