Protesters to converge on D.C.

They started early in the day, erecting a tent city. Some traveled thousands of miles from as far away as Chicago and Los Angeles.

Thousands are expected to camp out at the National Mall this week for what's called 'Take Back the Capitol.' Although they are not directly affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement, the mission is the same.

“We're hoping Congress will hear us, see us and feel us,” says John Butler, a D.C. resident.

Kyle Serrett made the cross-country trek hoping to be seen and heard.

“If you hear any of the stories of many of the people who are jobless, it just feels hopeless,” he says. “The only way to fix that is to end the gridlock. And what more poignant place to be than on the nation’s capital on the mall to make that statement.”

D.C. Eleanor Holmes Norton spoke at the protest Monday evening and fanned the flames of those fired up over foreclosures, bank bailouts and corrupt corporations.

With the mall as home base, protesters plan to flood the offices of 99 Congressmen and women who oppose raising taxes on millionaires or don't support the jobs bill Tuesday. On Wednesday they plan to swarm K Street protesting lobbyists they say are in bed with the government.

They’re hoping to accomplish in a week what Occupiers have been unable to do in months.