Protesters march after attacks on D.C.'s LGBT community

Protesters marching on Tuesday. (Photo: Bruce DePuyt)

Marching in silence, protesters taking to the streets Tuesday say they're sending a loud message.

They marched through the Columbia Heights section of the District to demonstrate against a series of attacks targeting D.C.'s gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender community.

“It’s been happening for a while,” says D.C. resident Peter Fantacone. “I'm tired of my friends getting beat up and put in the hospital.”

And they've got some high ranking support on their side.

“This is something we can't tolerate,” says MPD chief Cathy Lanier, who was out with the demonstrators Tuesday night. “We gotta stand together and say you're not going to target any member of our community.”

The hundreds that locked arms, and lined the streets did so in a show of support and solidarity to the victims of the recent hate crimes targeting members of the LGBT community. It’s a tight knit community that says they won't be victimized.

“A lot of my friends have been bullied they've been jumped for being gay and it’s about time we stood up in D.C. and said something about it,” says protester Heidi Glum. “It shouldn't take all these incidences to make this happen. We should have done this way sooner.”

In a nod to the popular no hate campaign, several demonstrators taped their mouths. Others lighted candles in tribute to those who've lost their lives in hate crimes.

Judean Jones is one of those. Her son JaParker Jones was killed in February after, she says, he was stabbed for being transgendered.

"You just look at Japarker and the individual that done it, you could tell,” says Jones. “It was on video camera and you could just see the devil coming across the street towards my son."

Protesters say the three attacks just last week have only highlighted a much bigger problem that they hope to end - without even saying a word.

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