Protesters can stay until December, Park Service says

A protester arrested at the Senate building. (Photo: Suzanne Kennedy)

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The National Park Service has extended the permit for protesters gathered in Freedom Plaza.

The October 6th Coalition that has been protesting under the motto “Stop the Machine” will be allowed stay in Freedom Plaza through Dec. 30th at 10 p.m.

The new permit excludes dates for which permits have been issued to other groups for activities on Freedom Plaza, the Park Service said in a news release. The park service has offered the protesters alternate demonstration locations for those dates.

On Tuesday, Police arrested people from the "Stop The Machine" group who are protesting at the Hart Senate Office Building.

Authorities said six protesters have been arrested during the demonstration at the Senate. They are charged with unlawful conduct and demonstrating in a Capitol Building and are currently being processed at a facility on D Street Northeast.

No more than 100 protesters entered the Hart Senate Building Tuesday. Protesters demonstrated for about five minutes in the center hallway and balconies of the building. Police gave the protesters three warnings and then started making arrests.

Protesters said they want America’s foreign wars to end and are upset at the influence of corporate interests on politics.

“We need to stop wasting money and bring it home. People are hurting right here in America,” Mike Tork said.

Retired Dayton, Ohio, police officer Steve Fryberg says the government should be spending money to help the economy, not fight a war. “The majority of the people in this country do not want war. The majority of the people in this country want jobs, health care, but they're not listening...because they do not work for us any more,” he said of politicians.

Vietnam veteran David Ross traveled to D.C. from Vermont to send a message to lawmakers.

“We can do it,” Ross said. “We're a great country. We have all this potential and we're just wasting it and all out representatives have been bought by corporate interests.”

The group’s original permit to protest in Freedom Plaza expired Monday. After some back-and-forth, the Park Service said Tuesday evening that the permit had been amended to allow the group to stay.

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