Protesters arrested after trying to storm Justice Department

Photo: Stephen Tschida/ABC7

Constitution Avenue was shut down Monday after police arrested more than a dozen protestors outside the Department of Justice. Hundreds have been demonstrating, calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to hold bankers accountable for the nation’s mortgage crisis.

Among those angry at what they perceive as rampant wrongdoing on the part of big banks was 75-year-old Goria Jones Swieringa.

“They are robbing the blind quite literally,” she says. “I’m a 75-year-old blind lady.”

They blame big banks for the collapse of the housing market and the glut of foreclosures. They are especially disappointed with Holder.

Some of the protesters came to D.C. from across the country, many with tales of lost homes and ongoing battles with banks. Some acknowledge they made bad investments, assuming property values would continue to climb instead of drop.

“I felt that I was going to be find and I was going to make money off of my house,” says Debra of Portland.

Some of the protesters were involved with the Occupy movement. They planned to build another protest camp, but at this time around it appears those in charge are less accommodating.