Protected bike debate held in D.C.

Protected D.C. bike lanes under debate (Cheryl Conner, ABC7)

Transportation officials are sizing up bike lanes in the district. Along T St. In northwest Washington, there is a designated lane. But compare that to 1st St. by Union Station, where there are cones and cement barriers keeping drivers away from bikers.

"I've had probably about 12 collisions, crashes with cars in my life," said Martin Moulton spokesperson for the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA).

Moulton, who has never had a driver's license, has had five crashes in the district. He volunteers with WABA.

"We're not trying to wipe out church parking entirely. We want to find a happy medium," said Moulton.

A meeting held by the D.C. Department of Transportation on Saturday brought together about 300 people to debate protected lanes in the city's Eastern District.

A variety of ideas would run the lanes north and south on 5th, 6th or 9th St. between downtown and the Shaw community.

"It might affect 10 spaces out of 150 Sunday parking spaces to improve the visibility at some of the intersections," said Sam Zimbabwe, DDOT'S associate director for planning.

There is concern that the designated lanes would remove parking in front of churches.

"There are parking challenges in the neighborhood and there are concerns on the part of churches and other stakeholders, businesses as well, that need to be accommodating," said Alexander Padro, Shaw Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner.

The proposals are still being considered, and the public can weigh in through mid-March.

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