Prostitution-free zones enacted

Garlinda Boddie has lived on Eastern Avenue in northeast for almost 14 years and says prostitution activity all around her home over the years has been horrible.

She likes the fact that police have declared her neighborhood a "prostitution free zone."

“We need that permanently,” she says. “This is our neighborhood and they have taken over.”

Prostitution has become so bad on a corridor of Eastern Avenue along the D.C and Prince George's County line that both jurisdictions have enacted laws that set up temporary prostitution free zones that give police special powers to crackdown on loitering and other suspected activity associated with prostitution.

“We are going to continue to be vigilant until the scourge of prostitution is out of our community,” says Eugene Grant, mayor of Seat Pleasant.

D.C. Councilmember Yvette Alexander introduced a bill that would allow police to set up permanent prostitution free zones in the city. But the city attorney general said that would be unconstitutional.

Alexander introduced her anti-prostitution at the same time Kevin Chavous Jr., her chief opponent in the upcoming Ward 7 council race, was tried on charges of soliciting for prostitution.