Proposed zoning changes could make parking in D.C. even harder: AAA

AAA says a proposed zoning change would make parking harder to find in D.C.

The zoning code includes rules about where to park and who pays for it, but the code hasn't been updated in almost 60 years.

For the last five years, D.C. officials have been working to rewrite the law. One proposal would let developers build in high density areas, without having to provide more parking.

"We have a critical parking problem now," says John Townsend of AAA. He says the change would force residents to battle visitors for spots, making parking harder to find and more expensive.

"This would remove available on-street parking at a time when off-street parking is extremely limited," Townsend says.

But D.C. zoning officials say almost 40 percent of District families don't have a car. The law would let developers decide if extra parking is worth it based on the neighborhood.

"Because the level of car ownership and the proximity to high quality transit really varies across the city, it makes more sense to us that the parking that would be provided would depend on the demand that exists in that particular area," says Harriet Tregoninng, Director of the D.C. Office of Planning.