Proposed gas tax hike in Maryland

Eric Consuegra drives about 200 miles a day throughout our area for his business. He cringes at the idea of a gas tax hike.

“I have a whole fleet of vehicles so it'll impact my biz, by times 11 of these over a week,” he says. “It'll certainly raise my prices to my customers.”

That may be a reality if Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley's plan goes through. He's proposing phasing in a 6 percent increase in the state's gas tax.

That would mean an extra 7 cents a gallon per year. Increasing the gas tax by 21 cents a gallon by the end of three years.

“Kinda have to deal with it, it is what it is, although it'll be unpleasant putting that extra money into the tank,” says driver Charlie David.

The tax hike could mean an extra $600 million a year for the state. O’Malley told ABC7’s news partner WTOP on Ask The Governor Monday, that it'll be used to ease congestion on local roads.

“We've not invested what we should in our transportation infrastructure, in our roads and our mass transit," O'Malley said. "That is why we have the most congested metro area in the entire country.”

The proposal may experience some bumps in the legislature. It’s certainly unpopular among the vast majority of drivers.

“All my life gas has been going up and down,” Pace says. “Crying ain't gonna change nothing unless the people get together and stop buying gas.”