Proposed Dulles and I-95 link pushed

WOODBRIDGE, Va. (WJLA) - Virginia's transportation secretary tried to sell the proposed bi-county parkway, a link between Dulles and Interstate 95, to some reluctant buyers in Prince William County.

The proposed parkway would link the bustling Dulles corridor and the east coast thoroughfare I-95.

Virginia transportation secretary and former leader of the Prince William County board, Sean Connaughton, visited some familiar territory Tuesday.

He pitched the bi-county parkway to the locals.

Audrey Dutton hasn't made up her mind. But she has concerns about the proposed road because a section would be built over the Manassas National Battlefield.

“My big concern is that it cuts through the park and I really don't see the benefit to this area,” Dutton says. “I see the benefit to Loudoun.”

Other opponents fear it will mean the loss of a rural section of the county, known as the “rural crescent.”

The bi-county parkway still is just a planning stages and there is no designated funding plan. But some people fear the parkway will drain money from other areas.

“I am really upset that they are taking money away from education to build a road which is not justified based on traffic numbers they have published,” says Bristow resident Shannon Gunn.

But the proposal does have supporters. Robert Whitfield spent years trying to get Dulles airport off the ground. He says like the airport when it first opened, the bi-county connector may not be essential but in a decade it will be busy.

“We need to have the alignment reserved so that it is there when we need to build sometime in the next decade or beyond the next decade,” Whitfield says.