Pro-immigration supporters plan rally at the Capitol

Pro-immigration supporters met at an Arlington church Tuesday to organize a rally at the Capitol next week.

"It is our duty. It is our call to action that we work and fight together for comprehensive immigration reform," said Arlington County Board Chair Walter Tejada.

Tejada talked about the county's long history when it comes to supporting immigrant rights. He recognizes Virginia - as a state - doesn't have the same record as neighboring Maryland.

"They're two different environments. In Virginia, it's a much more conservative state," Tejada added.

He says at the state level, the work on immigration has mostly been done behind the scenes. But with the rally, he hopes to show that support from Virginia residents is alive.

"There is a place and time now where Republicans need immigration reform, Democrats want immigration reform," Tejada continued.

He adds nationally the stage is set for reform.

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