Printable guns 'meant to kill,' Councilman Wells says

Just days after a video was released showing a fully operational handgun made entirely of plastic from a 3D printer, D.C.’s City Council is the first to take aim at such devices.

“This gun’s main purpose will be to kill someone, such as assassination,” says Tommy Wells, (D) D.C. Councilman.

Wells proposed a bill banning guns created with 3D printers. He says it poses an immediate danger, especially in a city with the most metal detectors per capita in the country.

“You can get through metal detectors all across D.C. that will not be picked up by it,” Wells says. “It’s meant to kill someone.”

The handgun was made by the same Texas –based 25-year-old law student who previously produced other gun parts using a 3D printer. All of them were made by an $8,000 printer from eBay.

ABC7 reached Cody Wilson Wednesday on Skype.

“I think he’s a reactionary and he watches YouTube too much,” Wilson says of Councilman Wells.

The self-described anarchist calls the D.C. gun proposal a useless overreach.

“The D.C. Council, I’m sure, would love to ban the use of handguns. Didn’t we recently take them to court over this? I think they lost, so this is just another demonstration that this Council is not looking to guarantee the liberties they’re supposed to uphold,” Wilson says.