Prince William Police release sketch of suspect in trail attack

Sketch: Prince William County Police

Prince William County Police are searching for a man who attacked a woman on a local trail and may be responsible for another crime.

The assault happened on a trail near Seymour Road and some women in the area tell ABC7 they are frightened.

Police say a 21 year old female victim described a man as her attacker. They released a composite sketch.

It was about 8 p.m. on Tuesday when the woman says the man struck her from behind, knocking her to the ground.

Defiant, she fought back as he assaulted her and the man took off.

Sofia Granados says she never sees anything out of the ordinary as she hits the trail that cuts through the Bull Run neighborhood. So, the news that a fellow walker was attacked just days ago is shocking.

"I can't believe that, I mean I'm on this trail everyday and I don't see anything like that," says Heather Dunn, who uses the trail to get home every night.

Police say the description also matches that of a recent indecent exposure report.

So far just one victim has reported a man exposing himself along the trail, but police say after talking with neighbors, they are hearing of similar incident.

The trail runs behind homes, cuts through a neighborhood, and is a stone's throw from a local swimming pool.

Police say the victim Tuesday night wasn't seriously injured, but they're urging anyone who has experienced a similar incident to come forward.