Prince William County's new logo rejected by supervisors

The new logo drew sharp criticism from county officials. Photo: Prince William County

The flap over Prince William County's new logo appears to be over for now.

The new logo, which depicts a dark blue box inside a larger light blue box, will continue to be used by the county's Office of Economic Development, but reports that the generic design will be removed from county signs and won't be used by public safety officials.

The logo was never considered or officially approved by Prince William County's Board of Supervisors.

The Washington Post reports that the desire for a new logo dates back to a 2010 task force, which suggested that the county hire a design firm to come up with a unifying logo to help attract business to the community.

However, this specific logo, which most county officials say is bland and doesn't represent Prince William County whatsoever, drew the ire of supervisors for, among other things, being designed by a company based outside Virginia.

InsideNova says that the OED won't stop using the new logo.

"It shows up very well when you are doing a presentation," the agency's executive director, Jeff Kaczmarek, told InsideNova. "It works well for us."