Prince William County mobile home fire kills three

TRIANGLE, Va. (WJLA) - A mobile home fire in Prince William County overnight has killed three people, a spokesman for the County's fire department said.

The blaze occurred along the 18000 block of Fuller Heights Road in Triangle, and emergency services received the call at 3:22 a.m.

The victims include a boy who was only 19 years old -- he was staying in the mobile home with his mother and her boyfriend.

The fire was put out quickly, but its speed and intensity were overpowering, taking the lives of all three of them.

They were described as very friendly and very nice people by their neighbors.

Earl Barbour lives in one of the two mobile homes next door, both with heat-related damage on windows and doors as a result of the fire. He left for work shortly before the fire started.

According to the fire chief, it will be a long and drawn-out investigation, and Prince William County Fire officials say the victims were sleeping at the time the fire started, but how it started is still unknown.

Police and fire officials are in the midst of a joint investigation of the blaze, but have been stalled by the mobile home's roof, which collapsed into the structure.

Investigators are waiting until there's enough daylight to see their way around the charred remains of the mobile home.