Prince William County is changing the way students eat

In Prince William County, kids like their pizza. Pizza is among 31 different items being showcased at the county's annual food show.

Parents, students and staff rate the dishes and decide whether they want to see them on the menu next year.

“There were some things I did like and some things I didn't like - but that's just my opinion,” says 13-year-old Trey Kenley. “Other people have their opinions too. Some might agree some might disagree though.”

Next year, students can expect to see a lot of menu changes. The county is following a new set of regulations for school lunches. They are pushing for more dark green and orange vegetables as well as beans. Also, there will be lower-sodium items.

And so far - despite the changes - most foods are a hit, such as pastas, waffles and macaroni and cheese.

Most parents are thrilled to be involved with helping their children make smart, healthy school lunch choices.

“The kids really feel empowered by being able to give their input as to what they like on their menus,” says father Eric Sledge.

“I’m actually excited,” says mother Trancito Laureano. “You know that they're eating healthy and good things and it makes me wonder if they're going to be ok when you know the food they're having, then you're a lot more comfortable.”

And school leaders boost their school-lunch program as the best.

“It's very important that we can continue to promote healthy lifestyles in our schools and it starts in our lunch programs,” says School Board Chair Milton Johns.