Fairfax, Prince William counties recover from rain, flooding

Hillside Road in Springfield. Photo: Gail Huff/ABC7

Fairfax County is spending $10 million to fix roads and bridges that suffered damage from Hurricane Lee and othere recent rainstorms.

On September 8, Hillside Road in Springfield was wiped out by floodwaters. It will be 10 more weeks before it reopens, officials say.

Prince William County{ }residents forced out of a mobile home park due to{ }flooding have been moved out of temporary shelter and into housing.

The residents{ }of the Holly Acres community had been staying at a temporary shelter at the First Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Woodbridge, which was operated by the American Red Cross.

Officials say the Board of County Supervisors provided $65,000 in proffered funds to the American Red Cross and other nonprofit organizations to assist the Holly Acres residents. In addition, $20,000 was given to the Prince William Park Authority for the use of the Dale City Recreation Center as a shelter.

In a statement, Prince William Board of County Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart said, "The flooding of Holly Acres was a terrible disaster, but the response was an excellent example of how the government and community can work together to overcome a tragedy."

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