Prince William County 4th grader over shooting comment

A 9-year-old Prince William County fourth grader has been suspended from school after he was overheard saying he’d shoot a female classmate in the head.

The boy’s father tells INSIDENOVA that the Pattie Elementary School student was suspended for two days on Feb. 27 because his words were deemed a substantive threat. He said his son made the comment because the girl wanted to kiss his son.

However, the girl's mother tells ABC7 that the boy has been pestering her daughter for months. She says on the day of the incident, the boy was heard saying that he would shoot the girl in the back of the head if she ever kissed a girl.

She was told that the boy allegedly said he would push her daughter off a building "and watch her be chopped up by a helicopter” if she ever tried to kiss him.

She says the school district shouldn't rush the disciplinary process, and that by speeding it up, it could put kids in jeopardy.

The mother is not being identified to protect her daughter.

The suspension lingered for about two months because of a likely backlog in threat assessments, which are required. Students must stay out of school until the evaluations are finished, INSIDENOVA reports.


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