Prince George's County schools open Monday, bus service for some changed

"25 on School Zone," © (2009) (C. Strife), used under (CC BY-NC 2.0)

With small school children walking dangerously close to fast moving traffic near North Forestville Elementary, the first day of school has been anything but smooth for a number of angry parents.

Parents whose children have always been bused to school claim they received a letter this past Thursday. What they read blew them away.

School children living within a one mile radius of the school will no longer be bused, essentially the stops have been eliminated.

"My daughter is in the fourth grade,” said parent Kathy Cueto. “No patrols, no sidewalks"

Some parents drove their kids to school Monday morning, causing even more congestion and back-ups.

Some parents don't even have that as an option.

"I'm in the middle of finding employment. It’s going to be really difficult to get my child to school safely," explained parent Tracy Anderson.

The Board of Education chair said this was a non-issue.

Council member Derrick Davis disagrees. He came out to see for himself and says he will be talking with the Department of Transportation about a better solution.