Prince George's police bust Edwards ring

      Prince George's County police busted what they call a burglary ring responsible for 54 crimes in one neighborhood just this year.

      The thieves made off with thousands of dollars' worth of jewelry and electronics. They moved fast as they swooped in and went for the high-end jewelry, pricey watches, and guns.

      "It just makes you feel very violated" says Stephanie Springs, a victim

      Police say the Edwards ring, named for its alleged leader, Anthony Edwards, primarily preyed on Oxon Hill and Fort Washington. Alleged members Jamal Cooke and David Neal helped rack up a lengthy roster of burglaries in just three month. Items recovered quickly linked the trio to a rash of break-ins and thefts. Police say the thieves would knock on a door and if no one answered, they'd make a move.

      Stephanie Springs says they hit her house while she was out.

      "They must have just raced through the house and taken what they could," she says.

      Police broke the case when they got a call about someone selling seven flat screen televisions out of a silver Toyota FJ Cruiser in D.C. They quickly arrested Edwards.

      Drugs were the apparent motivation for the brazen crimes. Police say all three members of the Edwards ring are addicted to narcotics.

      "They came in, grabbed a few things, and then they came back a few days later and did it again," says Mikaela Walker, another victim.

      Walker got hit twice. The arrests in the alleged Edwards Ring bring peace of mind.

      "I am just glad they are off the streets so I don't have to worry about them coming back again," she says.