Prince George's officer accused of assault on trial

Ryan Dorm. (Photo: Prince George's County Dept. of Corrections)

A Prince George’s County police officer is on trial, accused of assaulting a teenager in Brentwood last year. The incident was caught on tape and the video will play a major role in the trial.

The security video from February 2012 shows the last few seconds of a long foot chase involving Officer Donald Taylor and Ryan Dorm.{ }

The video shows Officer Taylor swinging at Dorm's head. The gun Officer Taylor was clutching discharges.

Officer Taylor claims Dorm had grabbed at his gun and fired it during a struggle. When detectives found the video, Officer Taylor was suspended and charged with assault and making a false statement. Dorm was charged with resisting arrest and assault.

Dorm’s lawyer portrayed his client as a victim.

“The video shows he attacked my client and hit him with a gun,” says Jim Bell.

As Officer Taylor’s trial gets underway, his lawyer is defending the retired police officer’s actions.

“He hit him one time with his hand. The hand happened to have the gun in it,” says Robert Bonsib.

The incident began when Officer Taylor and his partner spotted Dorm and his friend in a gas station. One of the young men was wearing a ski mask. The police feared a robbery was about to take place. When police approached Dorm, he struggled, pulled away, and ran.

In court Tuesday, Dorm testified he just didn’t want to be there.

Taylor’s lawyer says Dorm’s actions justified the officers' response.

“There are… cases where officers don’t take action, somebody turns around, shoots them. He did what any reasonable police officer could have done under those circumstances,” says Bonsib.

Ryan Dorm spent nearly four months in jail on a variety of different charges, but they were all later dropped.

He sued the county and won a settlement, but his problems aren’t over. He stands accused of an April rape involving a drunken young women and a gang attack. He was recently indicted and now sits behind bars in Montgomery County.