Prince George's County to install more red light cameras

The light turns red and a car runs right through the intersection. This scene is played out over and over again on Prince George's County roadways.

According to police, red light running is a violation they are seeing occur at an alarming rate

Veronica Smith received two of the nearly $40,000 red light fines handed out in Prince George's last year. The county leads the state in traffic accidents and now police have decided to take action.

They feel that shifting their focus from adding speed cameras to adding red light cameras will make the roadways safer.

Now police want even more. Right now, there are 23 red light cameras throughout Prince George's. Police say they will install 49 more.

James Queen is a truck driver and is on the road all the time. He says he sees people running red lights every day. He says he favors the lights to prevent people from getting hurt.

But not every motorist likes the idea of more eyes watching them on the roads.

“They tend to slow up traffic because people are more focused on the camera than driving,” says Miguel McCinnis.

Like it or not they're coming - beginning with four new cameras. Police hope to have the cameras in place in the next month or so. They will continue adding cameras every month after that.