Prince George's County students stranded for two hours at bus stop

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (WJLA) - Wednesday morning started out like any other for the Adams family.

The three youngest were dropped off at the bus stop around 9 a.m. to be taken to Arrowhead Elementary school just a couple of miles away. It wasn't until she got a phone call that Teneka Adams became worried that something might be amiss.

"I got a call, a frantic call, from my mom, the kids' grandmother, saying that the kids weren't at school," Adams said.

It was almost 11 a.m. and none of the Adams kids were at school. Their mother was helpless, away on a field trip with her oldest daughter.

"When she's telling me this, I'm wondering did somebody take my children," she said. "All three of them at one time and I'm here at this field trip taking care of other people's kids and I don't know where my children are and I can't get there."

Much to everyone's surprise the kids were exactly were their father had left them, at the bus stop nearly two hours later, still waiting on the bus. The kids, more than a dozen in all, were confused, tired and angry. More than an explanation, Jessica Adams just wanted one thing.

"I wanted to get a hold of my mom," she said.

The children waited at their stop for hours for that bus to come but they didn't do it alone. Thankfully, there was a neighbor who refused to leave until she knew that they made it to school safely.

A grateful Teneka Adams later hugged the good Samaritan who kept a watchful eye on the dozen or so young P.G. County School children when their bus didn’t show up for more than two hours.

Seven-year-old Jessica Adams says she is grateful that the woman kept them company, though being left at a bus stop was anything but fun:

“It was frustrating, it was hot, everybody was hungry, we were just left..."

Although Adams is relieved. She said this troubling ordeal points to a serious problem.

"The bus system is broken," She said. "If people are out or if somebody quit, it's not excusable to just leave people's babies on the street"