Prince George's County residents receive Good Samaritan awards

Several Prince George's County residents were honored as Good Samaritans Wednesday for their heroic efforts.

Among those honored Wednesday was 18-year-old Jalen Farmer. Still wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes, Farmer can only see out of his left eye. The teen was severely beaten with a baseball bat while working as a security guard at a Landover day care center. Police say a man high on PCP acted out after attempting to use the phone.

Farmer is still facing another surgery.

For Dona Musser, her heroes came in the form of her neighbors.

Five months ago, a fire trapped Dona and her husband of 59 years, James Musser, on the third floor of their Temple Hills home.

Disabled, James couldn't escape the February fire. Dona, who was recently injured in a fall, was equally incapacitated. Her fall left all the bones in her face broken, along with her wrists.

Fortunately, their neighbors saw the fire, rushed inside and guided the couple down the stairs.

"Ya know, the word says love your neighbor as you do yourself, and these people they showed that," Dona said.

After the Mussers were rescued from their burning home, remarkably, another neighbor went back into the home to rescue the family cat.

Wednesday, Prince George's County gave the Musser's rescuers a Good Samaritan award.

Neighbor Vanessa Ward said, "Treat each day like it's your last day, and treat everyone you meet like you're not going to meet anyone else cause you never know when the end is."

The cause of the fire at the Musser's home was determined to be an electrical issue. Right now, the couple is living in a temporary apartment and hope to move into a new home later this year.