Prince George's County Police Corporal Ricky Adey sued for alleged assault

Kyre Jenkins and his lawyer hold the blood-stained shirt he was wearing the night of the alleged assault. (Brad Bell)

A Prince George's County teen and his mother are suing one of the county's police officer for an assault the teen allegedly suffered at the hands of the officer.

Back in July, Prince George's County Police Corporal Ricky Adey was portrayed as a hero after he led people out of a burning building.

But just two days later,{ } Adey was indicted, accused of assaulting 13-year-old Kyre Jenkins.

"I was extremely scared …and I thought I was gonna die that very day," Jenkins recalls.

Now a 14-year-old freshman at Bowie High School, Jenkins, his mother and their lawyer are suing Adey for $5 million.

Kyre's mother, Takita Jenkins, adds, "I'm just appalled. I'm infuriated. I'm mad. I'm upset. I'm sad. I'm hurt."

In Aug. 2011, Kyre was visiting a friend at Capitol Courts Apartments in Capitol Heights. He was part of a group of teens outside on a summer night.

"We were throwing the football. Everybody was just talking," Krye says.

Suddenly, Adey showed up responding to a call for the sound of shots fired in the area. Krye says all the young people ran, so he followed his friend and ran too.

"Officer Adey caught me and pulled me down, and he punched me in my face three times;...he had my hands behind my back." Kyre continues. "He pulled the gun out and put it to my head and asked me have I ever had a hammer to my head."

Kyre says his nose was bloodied and his lip was split. He and his lawyer showed ABC7 the blood-stained shirt he wore that night. The teen says an{ } ambulance was not called for him the night of the incident. His mother also wasn't called.

Adey is charged with first degree assault.